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System Video

About Us

System Video are leaders in audio-visual integration with over 35 years industry knowledge. We specify, design and install seamless audio-visual solutions that enables people to connect, share ideas and do business. AV has become an essential part of every work place. Our system designs are tailor-made for each client, enhancing specific spaces and ensuring ease of use.

System Video have been chosen by some of the world’s leading companies to provide design experience, consultancy and installation for cutting-edge audio and visual projects. Right now, our meeting room, conference and event installations are being used by organisations around the world to make collaboration possible. From social networks, business networks, search giants and gaming start-ups to legal eagles, financial wizards, spare-bed booking engines and many more – all of which has given us the experience of working with leading-edge technologies.

Last year, we became GPA’s Regional Business Unit for Ireland – extending our reach and expertise to more than 50 countries.

We believe your audio-visual technology should move you forward, not hold you back.

Let us put our industry knowledge to work for your project.

We are proud members of AVIXA™, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association.

  This year, we signed Techies Go Green’s initiative with the aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.


The Team

David Carroll

Managing Director

  • Phone: +35316200900
  • Email: david.carroll@systemvideo.ie
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Bryan Carroll

General Manager

  • Phone: +353868560894
  • Email: bryan.carroll@systemvideo.ie
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David Wilson

Business Development & Marketing Manager

  • Phone: +353868286678
  • Email: david.wilson@systemvideo.ie
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Michael Kelly

Project Consultant

  • Phone: +353872394331
  • Email: michael.kelly@systemvideo.ie
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Karen Moran

Office Manager

  • Phone: +35316200900
  • Email: karen.moran@systemvideo.ie

Keith Brassington

Financial Controller

  • Phone: +35316200900
  • Email: keith.brassington@systemvideo.ie
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Sean O'Neill

Operations Manager

  • Phone: +35316200900
  • Email: sean.oneill@systemvideo.ie

Philip Sheridan

Service Manager

  • Phone: +353870945985
  • Email: Philip.sheridan@systemvideo.ie
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