Video Conferencing

Collaborate across continents... or just hallways.

From face-to-face conversations between two people, to team meetings across multiple sites, video conferencing has transformed business. Already well established in many large organisations, more and more businesses are also seeing the benefits of using video conferencing – improving collaboration, reducing and eliminating travel costs and building closer relationships with colleagues and customers, whatever their location.

With a wide variety of high-quality options to suit all requirements and budgets, now is a great time to be adding the latest video conferencing technology to your business. Many companies have taken small steps with off-the-shelf online technologies such as Skype, and while these software solutions offer adequate video calling, they fall well short of the productivity benefits available through a professionally integrated tailor-made conferencing system.

The call is just the beginning

As well as the audio and visual aspect of meetings, you can use video conferencing to share documents and screens or to brainstorm ideas on virtual whiteboards. Far beyond simply connecting you, modern AV conferencing creates a true virtual meeting room, giving participants a rich set of tools to maximise every minute of potential productivity.

From 4K streaming and directional motorised microphones, to fully synchronised conference spaces that transform at the touch of a button, whatever you need, we can make it happen. We provide inexpensive options to suit huddle rooms for fast, ad-hoc collaboration, through to full meeting room-based systems where a more formal setting is required.

We stay across the latest video conferencing technology developments, meaning the system we design for you will allow your business to leverage the latest technology – maximising your productivity and future-proofing your investment.

Discover the true productivity potential of your business – call us on +353 (1) 620 0900 or get in touch online to discuss your new video conferencing system.

The right system for your needs

Whether you’re moving into new premises or want to make your current building more productive and collaborative, finding the right system for your business starts with a conversation. First, we’ll discuss your needs and understand your workspace, then we’ll create initial draft designs that provide you with video conferencing options for your business.

Our designs are end-to-end and easily repeatable throughout your building, providing cost efficiency, system consistency and familiarity for your users. This is essential, as your conferencing technology should move you forward, not hold you back.