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Audio Visual Design

Following a consultation process, we prepare a first-draft room design plan. Then, it’s back to the table with the customer for a more detailed drill-down to tailor and refine the design to meet your needs. 

We apply designs to a wide range different scenarios and solutions depending on your room layout. This also allows us to provide full costs and a bill of materials for each room design, making it easy for you to budget your AV spend with predictability and transparency.

Our approach is to create end-to-end designs that are easily repeated throughout different spaces and varying room types. This ensures consistency of delivery across a full installation project, as well as consistency and familiarity for your users – wherever they find themselves working.

To help with this, we provide our customers with a complete set of construction drawings: including all grounds or structuring requirements to put screens on walls; containment for running the cable; along with any power or data requirements to facilitate that. 

The full schematics of room layout are ready for the client to hand to the contractor – smoothing the way for a pain-free project.

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