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The 4 critical steps to successful anywhere working.

In November 2020, System Video hosted our very first live webinar with GoTo and shared the 4 critical steps for effectively adopting cloud-based communications when making the shift to anywhere working.

Making the shift to anywhere working

GoTo’s Director, Global Product Marketing, Joseph Walsh, spoke about the importance of organisations making the shift to anywhere working and the future business benefits. Organisations who do not get on board may feel the consequences by not adapting to the new way of working. Offering remote working is going to become the new way of hiring and retaining the best talent.

The current trends have challenged a lot of skeptical thought processes around remote working.

Joseph Walsh, Global Product Marketing at GoTo

It has encouraged a level of maturity with organisations’ workforce by entrusting employees. Organisations can keep their workforce motivated gifting back time normally lost on commuting or allow for cutting back on high city living costs. Ensuring employees stay connected through flexible working is critical and if the future is going to be a home and office hybrid, employees must have the right tools to work.

The Critical Steps to Establishing Anywhere Working

1. You must have a Strategy

  • Office facilities and real estate must evolve with current trends by using space more effectively; ad hoc office availability, hot desking, designing huddle spaces and meeting rooms equipped with social distancing measures.
  • IT – companies must make sure they are set up to work remotely – remote access software, cloud telephony, video conferencing technology.
  • Human resources – companies must consider international employees working oversees and how might affect their normal business routines; different tax brackets, how these team members will be included. People’s mental health and challenges around loneliness associated with remote working must also be considered.
  • Corporate communications – in planning for the future of anywhere working, how will you communicate with your staff? Organisations must make sure they can provide consistent communication.
  • Finance – getting your organisation ready for anywhere working involves; investing in employee’s home office set up and providing them with adequate tools to work remotely.

2. You need to get your Technology mix right

  • Making sure employees can collaborate easily with each other and externally with their customers, suppliers, partners etc.
  • Anywhere working technology should be remote accessible and manageable, and accessed securely and privately.

3. You should create a supportive Culture

Maintaining existing culture and motivation can be hard whilst working remotely. To tackle this, GoTo suggest finding a mix that works for your organisation.

  • Set company guidelines on communication tools.
  • Train on nuances of remote performance reviews and what this means for anywhere workers.
  • Encourage goal alignment directly connected to the company’s strategic initiatives.
  • Outline when to ask for help, anywhere working is a collaborative effort from everyone.

4. You must drive the right Behaviour from management

Management must drive the right behaviour to address these new challenges to make sure their team stays engaged and do not get burned out.

  • Communication is critical; managers should establish structured daily check-ins.
  • Provide a myriad of communication tools.
  • Arrange regular check-ins for employees who may be experiencing isolation.
  • Don’t forget to have fun. Encourage virtual coffee catch ups or Thursday drinks after work. (Online!)

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how people work and our approach to flexible working. That’s why it’s so important to; create a strategy that works well for your business, perfect your technology mix, create a supportive culture, work with your people partners to get behaviours right and put the right tactics in place to make sure your employees achieve the most productivity.

System Video’s partnership with GoTo

In the current COVID environment, businesses have had to drastically change how they do business and where they operate from…We believe conferencing technology should move you forward, not hold you back… Being able to adopt collaboration technology is more important now than it ever was before… We have partnered with GoTo to provide our customers with comprehensive cloud-based conferencing solutions

 David Wilson, System Video’s Business Development Manager.

Audio visual, video conferencing and unified communications are an essential part of every workplace. The office still has an important part to play in anywhere working; to foster collaboration, providing a space for teams to come together, host cultural events and allowing people to interact face to face.

Whether you’re moving into new premises or want to make your current building more productive and collaborative. Our team can work with you to find a system that works for you and your business. Get in touch with our team today to find out how to transform your workspace or learn more about GoTo products and solutions.

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