System Video review Neat devices

System Video review Neat devices

Technology providers are constantly looking for ways to improve how people connect with each other over video conference and in meeting spaces. As an AV integrator, we’re looking for technology that gives our clients the best and most straight forward user experience. An innovative technology company that our team have been raving about is Neat.

Neat designs video conferencing devices for Microsoft and Zoom, with a focus on making the meeting experience better. They have a number of different devices depending on room size and business requirement.

Noteworthy Features

  • Neat devices blend in with spaces and have a (literal) neat camera, speaker and microphone.
  • User friendly to the max – our installation and programming team absolutely love how easy to use the device is for our clients.
  • Compactly designed and adaptable to fit different room sizes and requirements.
  • Sensor technology for monitoring room capacity and air quality.
  • Excellent audio and video quality.
  • The Neat Pad can be used as a controller and room scheduler.
  • Innovative AI technology.
Neat devices installed for client offices in Dublin (left), London (middle) & Paris (right).

Why we like it so much

System Video have been including a lot of Neat devices in our designs and installations, and right across our team of Project Consultants, Installation Engineers and Programmers, we’re all big fans. For a recent installation, an American software company’s office in Dublin , our team installed Neat devices across 70 rooms, each room had a Neat Bar and two Neat Pads. One pad was used a room booking system on the wall outside and one pad was used as a room controller on the meeting room table.

For the client, it’s a dream. Zoom makes everything so easy to setup and manage. The new Neat Symmetry feature is a game changer – making the video conference experience much more engaging.

David Wilson, Business Development Manager, System Video.

Neat Symmetry bridges the gap between in-room and remote participants by individually auto framing each person in the room and presenting them equally up close on everyone’s displays.

System Video team give the green light to Neat devices

They’re absolutely brilliant to be honest. Super easy and quick to setup with Zoom. The touch panels are nice and responsive.

On the bar the call quality is really good but the best thing is the camera. It’s got a huge fov [field of view] and can calve the picture up to focus on each participant.

Timothy Cooke, System Video Programmer.


Martin Weiss, Programming and Commissioning Lead,  & Timothy Cooke, Programmer, testing out the Neat Bar’s camera tracking at a client site in Dublin.

Love it, it’s off the chain! ✌

Daniel Curneen, System Video Programmer. (Dan also wanted to have his say on Neat)

Meeting rooms and spaces made simpler

Originally designed for Zoom, the Neat devices are now also certified for Microsoft teams. Neat devices are a great option for businesses looking for an all in one device that’s truly easy to use.

Get in touch with our team to talk to us about Neat devices that would be good for your business.

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