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What is Barco ClickShare?

Already established as one of the leading presentation systems available, Barco ClickShare’s award-winning tech ensures meetings start on time and are productive, without any drain on IT.


How it Works

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    Plug the base unit into a power source, then into the presentation screen via a HDMI. It’s about the same size as a small router and uses a secure wireless network to connect with ClickShare devices in the room. You only need to do this once.

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    Users in the room simply plug the USB button into their laptop and accept an executable file. Then they just press once to start screen mirroring in up to 4K UHD video and audio. Once finished, no software is left on the computer. Android and iOS users download a free, regularly updated app and tap to share their screen with ease.

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    That’s it! No cables, no cumbersome install and minimal work for your IT department. Just easy and hassle-free presentations that can start instantly and end on-time.

Clickshare Meeting

20% of meetings suffer tech issues

The productivity cost in lost minutes trying get presentation tech to work soon adds up, and the more people you have in the room the more expensive it can be. 20% of meetings overrun due to equipment issues, Barco ClickShare helps eliminate this productivity drain from your business by letting you connect instantly, share and collaborate.

Clickshare Meeting

Minimal IT support

With no wires to route or replace, no software to install and no training needed, Barco ClickShare doesn’t just make meetings more productive. It leaves your IT team to get on with more essential tasks, while colleagues meet and share with ease, at the touch of a button. ClickShare works across platforms too, so there’ll be no compatibility issues - Mac or PC, iOS or Android, it’s all taken care of out of the box.

Barco ClickShare features


Share together as on

Share video from up to four screens at once on your main display. Once a device is sharing it's display, another user can share their content side by side by pressing or tapping their button.


A room full of ideas

Up to 16 users can be connected to a main display via Barco ClickShare, each can take the screen instantly at the press of a button or tap of the app.


Big room? No problem

Users can connect to the main screen from up to 30m away, perfect for conferences or events.


Wireless connection

The universal USB-powered Button plugs into your laptop and beams your screen straight to the main display. Our app for iOS and Android does the same for mobile devices.


Bring it. Connect it.

Whatever device your colleagues bring to the meeting room - PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, ClickShare will connect it at the push or tap of a button.


Safe and secure

Share with confidence, your data is being streamed behind up to three configurable levels of robust, enterprise-grade security.

Business benefits of ClickShare

The functionality of a system is one thing, but how does that translate to tangible financial and productivity benefits for a business or organisation?

Here’s how our ClickShare solution delivers:

  • Cost=effective system compared to expensive wired setups.
  • Increases colleague engagement in meetings by offering a platform for sharing information.
  • Improves decision-making by allowing quick and easy comparison of ideas.
  • Easily integrated into your current meeting room arrangement, keeping setup costs low.
  • Reduces productivity loss from delayed presentations and overrun meetings.
  • Delivers a self-serve solution, with minimal IT involvement.

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