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From face-to-face conversations between two people, to team meetings across multiple sites, video conferencing has transformed business. 

Already well established in many large organisations, more and more businesses are also seeing the benefits of using video conferencing - improving collaboration, reducing and eliminating travel costs and building closer relationships with colleagues and customers, whatever the location. 

Many companies have taken small steps with technologies like Skype or FaceTime. With a wide variety of high-quality options to suit all requirements and budgets, now is the perfect opportunity to formalise a video conferencing strategy. 


As well as the audio and visual aspect of meetings, you can use video conferencing to share documents and screens or to brainstorm ideas on virtual whiteboards. That means your teams enjoy a richer, more productive meeting experience.

There are inexpensive options to suit huddle rooms for fast, ad-hoc collaboration through to full meeting room-based systems where a more formal setting is called for. For enabling high-powered meetings, powerful audio and steerable microphones that ensure the highest possible quality to capture every nuance of the conversation. 


System Video will meet your video conferencing needs with easy-to-use technology that matches your requirements and expectations. 

We work with leading hardware suppliers such as Cisco and Polycom. We also provide ‘soft client’ video conferencing that works on your laptop, along with plug-in USB cameras and microphones. 

Depending on your collaboration needs, System Video can provide bridging solutions that enable multi-point video conferencing no matter what devices - so that means technology is no barrier to high-quality, secure collaboration. We provide codecs at the source and destination of the video link to ensure seamless communication between all sides.